List of prohibited items

List of dangerous items that cannot be sent overseas * Explosives, etc. that may pose a danger to aircraft carrying mail * This list is a typical example of prohibited items, and even items not listed are prohibited It may apply.

Universal Prohibited Items

Explosives Explosives Fireworks Cracker Ammo Ignitor Detonator/Detonator Fuse High pressure gas High pressure gas Spray can Refill gas for lighter supplies)
Flammable Liquid Flammable Liquid Oil Lighter Zippo Lighter Lighter Fuel Alcohol Paint (Lacquer) Thinner Varnish/Brightener Perfume Nail Polish Essential Oil Substances Match charcoal kerosene petroleum fan heater Oxidizing substances Oxidizing substances Oxygen generator bleach Peroxidant hair color )
Corrosive substances Corrosive substances Liquid battery mercury

Other substances

First-class pharmaceuticals Magnets Engines Dry ice refrigerants Asbestos Narcotics Psychotropics Seeds, unprocessed plant timber, soil) Fertilizer Raw animals Items restricted by the Washington Convention Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) Gold bars and gold products Currency Postage stamps and revenue stamp documents National treasures Important cultural assets and works of art Copy discs

If you receive prohibited items such as those listed above, we will not be able to accept them for international shipping. Please be careful.