Policy on overseas logistics

  1. If you keep in mind that the product is delivered to you, everything else will follow.

    Please try to imagine. Customers around the world want to get their hands on the products they purchase as soon as possible .
    The feeling of excitement when you open a box is the same in all countries around the world.
    By the time the product reaches the customer thousands of miles away, the cardboard may be dented. If it is dented, the customer will be disappointed. The simplest way to solve such problems is to be conscious of checking and packing the products that are delivered to you.

  2. master one thing thoroughly

    Digital Studio was founded in 2003 as a software development company and has over 20 years of software development experience. On the other hand, I had no knowledge or experience in logistics. However, he already knew that by making full use of the skills he had acquired through software development, he could deliver products thousands of kilometers away in the most accurate, cheapest, and fastest way possible. By applying our greatest strength, our software development capabilities, to the logistics field, even if we have no knowledge or experience in overseas logistics, we can make extremely complex desktop business processing as simple as possible and eliminate a lot of waste. Time has been solved through software power. In their free time, they trained their own employees to do the best packaging possible. We believe that if you do one thing well, you will be sure to succeed in all tasks necessary for logistics.

  3. If you focus on quality, speed will naturally follow.

    Overseas logistics means reliably delivering products to locations thousands of kilometers away.
    Our role is to ensure that the quality of the packaged cargo is maintained even during those few days. To achieve this, we must apply the creativity and efficiency we have cultivated through software development to on-site work, define what should be automated, and what should be focused on by humans, and decide on specifications. Always think about the state in which your package should be ``sturdily packaged,'' and even ``easy for customers to open.'' We believe that without such a philosophy, it is not possible to carry out large-scale work (i.e., process large amounts of cargo quickly).

    I was a swimmer for 12 years in elementary, junior high, and high school, and I learned that fast swimmers also have beautiful form. Beautiful form all starts with "definition".