We cannot ship spray cans.

This includes spray can type hair styling products, hair restorers, lotions, antiperspirants, gas stove cylinders, etc.
There are more and more shipments of spray cans arriving at our warehouse, but we are unable to ship them.
Please use after confirming that spray can type products are not included.

Frozen, refrigerated, and perishable items cannot be shipped.

All international shipments are stored at room temperature. As a result, frozen, chilled, and perishable products arriving at the warehouse may be damaged by thawing or spoilage.
For the above reasons, we refuse to accept shipments, especially frozen products.
Although it is possible to ship refrigerated and perishable items, please understand that we are not responsible for any damage caused by storage or delivery.

Prohibited items cannot be shipped.

There are prohibited items that cannot be shipped overseas. Our delivery agency service cannot be used for prohibited items.

<Recently, many items have arrived at our warehouse, and we are refusing to ship them overseas>
Perfume ・・・ Highly flammable and cannot be carried on aircraft

Be sure to check the prohibited items page before using the service.
In addition to common gold products, there are items that are prohibited by delivery country. Be sure to check the prohibited items in each country.

Please be careful when purchasing foods that dissolve easily.
Candy and chocolate may change their taste and shape depending on the temperature.
It is possible to transfer the product itself, but please be aware that neither our company nor the online shopping site you purchased from will take any responsibility if the product melts.
Example) candy, chocolate, gummies, marshmallows, cheese, etc.

Precautions before shipping procedures

Any customs duties incurred must be paid separately upon receipt of the package.
Customs duties may be imposed depending on the type, item, and content of the package.
Please note that if customs duty occurs, you will need to pay for it separately at your own expense when you receive the package in the delivery country.
In addition, depending on the destination country, both the presence of customs duty and the customs duty rate will differ. Please contact your local customs office directly to find out whether or not customs duties apply, the tax rate, etc. before purchasing.